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Leaf2go cares about the earth with Quaker Earth volunteers.

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

The world produces more than 14 million US tons of polystyrene (plastic foam) each year. Each day thousands of plastic straws, cups , and plastic bags are used and they end up in our oceans destroying our nature.

Pittsburgh based activists recently kicked off an event which is supported by volunteers who focus on reducing the use of single use plastics .

Leaf2go was invited to participate in the WhatsSUP challenge kickoff and also has been an active participant of all the meetings conducted by WhatsSUP from Feb to April, 2019.The finale of the event is on May 5th , 2019. Leaf2go products will be sold at that event.

Leaf2Go is proud of releasing the retail bundling, packaged by Mon Valley Students at the finale event on May 5th, 2019 from 2.30pm to 5.00pm! Venue: First United Methodist Church , 5701 Centre avenue (In shady side)

The focus of the group is to engage volunteers to initiate research and publicity to participate in the "Ban the Bag "effort in Pittsburgh , Outreach and application development .

The SUP group is truly committed to reducing and banning single use plastics in Pittsburgh . Its been a privilege for Leaf2go to participate in the SUP challenge .

To know more about WhatsSUP please visit the below link:

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